Telehealth Podiatry Consultations For Children

Telehealth Podiatry Consultations for Your Child during Covid-19

You may think that social distancing and current restrictions associated with Covid-19 means your child is unable to commence or continue treatment with a podiatrist. However, in this ever adapting climate we have introduced Telehealth, enabling an online consultation with our Children’s Podiatrist Antoni Caserta, where your child can be assessed and managed in a similar way to a face to face clinic appointment. 

Consultations typically start in the same manner as a clinic consultation whereby a discussion with you and your child will determine what the concern/problem is, convey any relevant medical history, followed by a thorough assessment to formulate a management plan.

What Can We Assess During Your Child’s Telehealth Consultation?

  • Gait/walking patterns
  • Joint motion/restrictions: specialised tests eg. The Beighton Scale used to assess joint mobility.
  • Muscle testing: Functional tests including variations of squatting, jumping or hopping 
  • Balance testing: specific body movement to test balance and proprioception 
  • Co-ordination: again specific body movements, may be sports specific such as dribbling a ball
  • Assessment of Milestone movement patterns: may incorporate many of the above tests to determine any delays/issues 
  • Footwear
  • Orthotics

What Treatments Can We Conduct During Telehealth Consultations?

  • Muscle Strengthening Exercises: to address muscle imbalances that may be for sports specific or for gait related issues 
  • Gait Retraining: specific strategies to address gait concerns such as toe walking and in-toeing
  • Balance and Muscle Rehabilitation: specific exercises to reduce recurrence of injury or improve specific muscle activation 
  • Demonstration and Instruction on taping techniques
  • Fitting and sizing of orthotics
  • Advice Regarding Referral To Other Specialists

What Paediatric Conditions Do We Manage Using Telehealth Consultations?

  • Sever’s Disease
  • Osgood Schlatter
  • Gait Concerns/Abnormalities eg. Toe Walking, in-toeing and limping
  • Sporting Injuries
  • Foot Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Flat Feet

Our highly experienced Children’s Podiatrist, Antoni Caserta is one of only a small group of true Paediatric Podiatrists in Victoria. He is available Mon, Thursday and Sat for both Telehealth and onsite in-clinic consultations. 

Follow this link to find out more about our Telehealth Service and to book an appointment

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