Telehealth Podiatry Consultations for Your Child during Covid-19

You may think that social distancing and current restrictions associated with Covid-19 means your child is unable to commence or continue treatment with a podiatrist. However, in this ever adapting climate we have introduced Telehealth, enabling an online consultation with our Children’s Podiatrist Antoni Caserta, where your child can be assessed and managed in a similar way to a face to face clinic appointment. 

Consultations typically start in the same manner as a clinic consultation whereby a discussion with you and your child will determine what the concern/problem is, convey any relevant medical history, followed by a thorough assessment to formulate a management plan.

What Can We Assess During Your Child’s Telehealth Consultation?

What Treatments Can We Conduct During Telehealth Consultations?

What Paediatric Conditions Do We Manage Using Telehealth Consultations?

Our highly experienced Children’s Podiatrist, Antoni Caserta is one of only a small group of true Paediatric Podiatrists in Victoria. He is available Mon, Thursday and Sat for both Telehealth and onsite in-clinic consultations. 

Follow this link to find out more about our Telehealth Service and to book an appointment