Lefort Podiatry provides sports orthotics to the local Forest Hill, Doveton, Blackburn, Burwood East & Vermont communities.

Sports orthotics are used to reduce stress placed on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to treat and prevent injuries and pain. Our practice provides custom sports orthotics to the Forest Hill, Doveton & Mt Waverley communities as well as to the surrounding suburbs including Burwood East, Vermont & Blackburn.

Orthotics Forest Hill
How are Sports Orthotics Different to other types of Orthotics?

Our Sports Orthotics are designed with specific features such as varying levels of flexibility within the shell of the orthotic, lightweight material and covering material to reduce blisters. The design of our custom made sports orthotics will depend on the type and level of sporting activity. Sports that involve a lot of running can significantly increase the amount of stress on the foot, ankle and lower leg compared to walking. Whilst running only one foot is in contact with ground at any one time during the gait cycle whereas with walking there is a period of time where both feet are in contact with ground. The type of footwear worn whilst playing particular sports will also influence the design.

Why Are Sports Orthotics Used?

Custom-made Sports Orthotics are used to both treat active problems and prevent them from becoming a recurrent problems. At Lefort Podiatry we conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment to design a custom made sports orthotic to suit your needs. We take into consideration your level and type of sport, footwear, your age and existing or past injuries. Common conditions that respond well to sports orthotics include heel pain, Achilles tendon problems, shin splints, recurrent ankle injuries, knee pain, forefoot pain and stress fractures.

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