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Morton’s Neuroma is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs in the third interspace, which is between the third and fourth toes.


Problems often develop in this area because part of the lateral plantar nerve combines with part of the medial plantar nerve here. When the two nerves combine, they are typically larger in diameter than those going to the other toes.


Above the nerve is a very strong ligament called the deep transverse metatarsal ligament that holds the metatarsal bone together and forms a roof over the nerve, creating a compartment.

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Morton's Neuroma Forest Hill

Certain foot types, footwear and walking patterns can create excessive compressive forces against the nerve and within this compartment.


Flatfeet and high heeled shoes are examples whereby the nerve is pulled as the smaller toes bend upwards excessively with each step. This creates too much tension within the nerve causing it to rub against the overlying metatarsal ligament resulting in irritation and thickening. Tight fitting women’s shoes can also create excessive compressive forces within the nerve compartment and contribute to the development of a neuroma.

Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma
  • Tingling, burning, or numbness
  • Pain
  • A feeling that there is a lump inside the ball of the foot, or that the sock are constantly bunched-up
Treatment by Podiatrists for Morton’s Neuroma
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