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PACT Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

PACT Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Visit Lefort Podiatry in Melbourne, located in Forest Hill and Doveton for PACT fungal nail treatment – a new simple, safe and effective treatment of fungal nail infections.

Learn about nail fungal infections & its treatment below.

What is PACT Fungal Nail Therapy?

PACT is an acronym for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy and is being used by our podiatrists at Lefort Podiatry to treat thick, yellow and white discoloured toenails infected with fungus (termed Onychomycosis).

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment Forest Hill
PACT Fungal Nail Treatment

PACT is a safe and painless new fungal nail treatment....

Treating fungal toenail infections are embarrassing and frustrating. Often the infection is noticed after removing nail polish that’s been left on for long periods. The toenails may appear thickened, with yellow and/or brown discolouration or white spots indicating possible fungal nail infections. Home remedy fungal nail treatments and fungal toenail polish/ lacquers often require daily application. Fungal nail prescribed medications can be costly, and due to the slow rate of nail growth often need to be used for months. Fungal nail medications may also have significant adverse effects or interact with other medications making them unsuitable for some. More recently lasers to treat fungal nail infections have been used, however treatment may often be painful due to the heat generated by these types of lasers.

PACT – Photodynamic Fungal Nail Therapy

The PACT Fungal Nail Treatment Consists of 2 Stages

Firstly the application of a staining photosensitising gel to the infected fungal toenail that selectively stains the nail and nail bed infected with the fungi.

PACT Laser Nail Treatment

This is followed by application of the PACT high powered LED lamp that results in activation of the photosensitiser and destruction of the cell wall.

Fungal Nail Infection Laser Treatment

After treatment the gel is simply wiped away without staining the skin.

The particular photosensitiser used in the PACT Fungal Nail treatment system has been demonstrated in recent studies to be highly effective, following activation by LED light, against the two most common species of fungi infecting toenails. The photosensitiser is only able to penetrate the susceptible cell wall of the fungi, the normal human cells are unaffected as they are protected by an impenetrable cell membrane.

Why PACT Fungal Nail Treatment used by our Podiatrists at Lefort Podiatry is considered to be one of the best treatments for fungal toenail infections compared to other current treatments.

Painless: Unlike most lasers used to treat fungal toenail infections that require significant heat to destroy the cell wall of the fungus, PACT Fungal Nail Treatment uses a low harmless wavelength of light that does produce heat.

Cost Effective: No need to continue with expensive antifungal nail polish/paints. The treatment is simple and affordable with rebates for those with appropriate Private Health Insurance cover.

Treats the source of the infection: Unlike many other fungal nail treatments that just concentrate on the nail plate, PACT Fungal Nail Treatment also penetrates the nail bed which is where the fungus invariably resides. Treating just the nail is only partially treating the infection.

No adverse effects: Prescribed oral antifungal medications have potential adverse/side effects as well as possible interactions with other medications you may be taking. PACT Fungal Nail Treatment is completely safe being free of adverse/side effects and drug interactions.

Fungal Toenail Treatment
How Many PACT Fungal Nail Treatments Are Required?

The number of PACT Fungal Nail treatments you need depends on the severity and length of the fungal infection and is determined by your podiatrist.

In all cases a minimum of 5 treatments are required over a 3 month period due to the slow rate of nail growth. Initially 3 PACT Fungal Nail treatments within a seven day period are required, followed by a repeat treatment in 4 weeks then again in 6 weeks.

A Typical PACT Fungal Nail Treatment Plan
  • pre-treatment of the infected fungal toenail for 10 days using a high concentration Urea cream that reduces the thickness of the nail. This is very important as it enables penetration of the photosensitising gel and light to the nail bed
  • application of the photosensitising gel
  • application of the PACT light source for 9.5 mins
  • the total PACT fungal nail treatment time is approximately 25 mins
  • this PACT fungal nail treatment is repeated 3 times in one week
  • review and single PACT fungal nail treatments after 4 weeks then 6 weeks (depending on severity of fungal infection)
Important Tips to Prevent Fungal Nail Re-infection
  • We also recommend our easy to apply home treatment using a nail serum, Spirularin, which is not only antifungal but importantly helps restore and repair the nail.
  • advisable to apply an antifungal skin treatment to the feet to reduce the presence of fungi on the skin as the majority of nail infections are secondary to skin infections
  • wash hosiery, socks and insoles of shoes (if removable) in a hot wash with an antifungal wash additive
  • disinfect shower floor
  • thoroughly dry feet after bathing
  • do not share nail clippers
  • wear thongs in public swimming pools and showers

Note: To optimise the success of PACT Fungal Nail Treatment it is essential to prevent reinfection.

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