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Lefort Podiatry provides treatment for thick and discoloured nails for the local Forest Hill, Doveton, Blackburn, Burwood East & Vermont communities.


A common question we hear from patients is ‘why are my toenails so ugly, thick and discoloured?

Thick and Discoloured Nail Forest Hill

There are many causes or thickening and discolouration of the toenails. Below are the more common:


  • Trauma or injury to the nail bed and the cells at the base of the nail often results in abnormal nail growth that is permanent. Bleeding under the nail will result in a black discolouration until a new nail is grown.
  • Skin conditions such as Psoriases and Eczema may also distort a nail if the area around the nails is affected. This is because nails are made up of dead skin cells that have been stacked together very tightly. Just as the skin becomes inflamed and irritated by a skin condition, the tissues around the root of the nail where the nail is produced become inflamed and this can be the cause of thick toenails.
  • A fungal toenail infection may also thicken and discolour the nail but other signs are usually present. Before thick toenails developed, there may have been some yellow or brown nail discoloration in an otherwise healthy looking nail. The nail may have begun to separate from the nail bed and the discolorations may have moved gradually from tip of the nail toward the root. A fungus, growing in the nail bed and gradually spreading into the substance of the nail, is often the cause of thick toenails. Patients with an identified fungal toenail infection can be offered one of the latest treatments using a painless photodynamic light therapy called PACT. PACT is used in conjunction with our new easy home based treatment between podiatry visits.
  • Age related changes to the matrix cells where the nail grows from may also result in thick nail plates.


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