Lefort Podiatry | Orthotics Forest Hill, Burwood East, Vermont, Blackburn
Custom orthotics designed by qualified podiatrists. Our team offers expertise to the Forest Hill area and nearby areas of Blackburn, Vermont & Burwood East.
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Orthotics Forest Hill, Vermont, Burwood East & Blackburn

Get Orthotics at our clinics in Forest Hill, Doveton or Mount Waverley specially designed for people suffering from sports related pain.

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthoses are shoe inserts designed by podiatrists to support, align, or improve the function of the foot.


There are many different kinds of orthotics. Those recommended by your podiatrist are often prescription devices, custom-made to suit your individual needs and biomechanics (the way your body moves). However depending on your situation, non-prescription prefabricated or semi-customised devices may be adequate.

Who Wears Orthotics?

People of all ages with a variety of foot or related lower leg or back problems wear orthotics. Sports people are often prescribed orthotics to help maximise their performance, as well as to address mechanical problems. Children may also be given orthotics to improve foot posture whilst their skeleton develops. Anyone suffering from a chronic foot or lower limb condition, which is limiting their mobility or independence, may benefit from wearing orthoses.

When Are Orthotics Used?

Your podiatrist may prescribe orthotics for your particular foot problem after a comprehensive assessment, taking into account your own biomechanics, footwear, and occupational and lifestyle factors.


Orthotics provide valuable long-term solutions in the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of acute and chronic foot conditions such as heel pain, tendon and muscle pain, recurrent ankle sprain and foot and ankle stress fractures, by providing consistent postural control. Orthotics may also help reduce the occurence of corns, callous and ulceration by redistributing the pressure of the body’s weight on the feet.

What Can I Expect When Being Prescribed Orthotics
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  • A full clinical assessment by a podiatrist of your foot problem prior to prescription
  • Prescription orthotics tailored to your individual needs
  • Provision of any additional treatment as required
  • Advice regarding exercises, footwear and training methods where relevant
  • Fine-tuning or correction of any problems experienced in wearing your orthotics.
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