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Step into the world of Lefort Podiatry, where our experienced podiatrists offer a comprehensive, medically focused, and personalized approach to treating foot, ankle, and lower leg conditions. We pride ourselves on being a reliable second opinion clinic, attracting patients who have sought solutions elsewhere without success. Your path to better foot health starts here, where expertise and individualized care converge.

Our specialise range of treatment options, including injection therapies, RSWT, and advanced laser treatments, sets us apart from other clinics—especially in the realm of injection therapies. While we maintain guidelines for specific pathologies, we don’t treat patients within a standardised appointment process and don’t adhere to KPIs. At Lefort Podiatry, we prioritise individualised care.

Beyond our expertise, we’ve cultivated a robust network of health professionals, including sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, and sonographers. This interconnected approach ensures seamless collaboration when additional expertise is required, enhancing the overall quality of care for our patients.

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At Lefort Podiatry, we’re dedicated to elevating your foot health. Our team focuses on personalised solutions to enhance comfort, alleviate pain, and promote overall wellbeing. Whether it’s through innovative therapies, precision surgeries, or revolutionary treatments, our aim is to ensure your feet move confidently through life. Trust us for thoughtful and effective care that speaks to the essence of optimal mobility and lasting comfort.


Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT)

Laser Therapy

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PACT Fungal Nail Therapy

Injection Therapies – Prolotherapy

Dry Needling

Wart Treatment

Diabetic Foot Care

General Foot Care

Children’s Podiatry

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