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At Lefort Podiatry, we offer a comprehensive range of podiatry services for the assessment and treatment of foot, ankle, and lower limb conditions across all age groups and activity levels. Our clinics are located in Forest Hill service Doveton, BlackburnBurwood EastVermontMitchamMt Waverly and Box Hill, and surrounding suburbs, making it easier for patients to access the care they need. 

Our team of experienced podiatrists is dedicated to diagnosing and treating a wide range of foot and ankle disorders. Our focus is on diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention, with a particular emphasis on general podiatry and sports podiatry.  

From simple nail and skin care to more complex conditions requiring x-rays and/or ultrasounds and advanced treatments, our podiatrists have the knowledge and experience to provide effective care. We are also the only podiatry clinic in Melbourne to offer both types of Regenerative Injection Techniques – Prolotherapy and Perineural Injections.  

At Lefort Podiatry, our goal is to help our patients live more active, healthy, and enjoyable lifestyles by providing comprehensive care and support for their foot and ankle health. Whether you’re dealing with a minor issue or a more complex condition, our team of podiatrists is here to help. 

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Podiatry Conditions We Treat

Healthy feet are important for everyone – babies, children, adults, the elderly and especially for those with conditions such as diabetes.

At Lefort Podiatry, our experienced team of podiatrists offers diagnosis and treatment for a range of foot, ankle, and lower limb conditions. We use advanced tools and techniques to accurately identify the cause of symptoms and develop a personalised treatment plan for each patient. 

Podiatry is an important part of maintaining good foot and ankle health, and can help to prevent more serious problems from developing. By identifying and treating issues early, we can help patients avoid future complications and ensure they can get back to enjoying their daily activities. 

Podiatry conditions we treat include:

Podiatry Treatments

At Lefort Podiatry, our highly qualified podiatrists diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders and diseases that affect the feet and lower limbs. Our clinics are conveniently located in Forest Hill and Doveton, making it easier for patients to receive the care they need. 

Our podiatrists offer treatment for a variety of conditions, including bone, joint, nerve, nail, skin, and circulation disorders. We are also experienced in diagnosing and treating foot development problems in babies and children. As university-qualified professionals, we adhere to the code of ethics set out by the Podiatry Board of Australia. 

At Lefort Podiatry, we recognise the importance of maintaining good foot and ankle health. Our personalised approach to care allows us to accurately identify the root cause of symptoms and develop an effective treatment plan for each patient. By identifying and treating issues early, we can help patients avoid future complications and restore their mobility, allowing them to enjoy their daily activities without pain or discomfort. 

Our Podiatry Treatments & Techniques Include:

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Our qualified team of podiatrists is dedicated to providing quality care to our patients. We are passionate about helping patients maintain good foot and ankle health, and our team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our clinics. 

We believe in a patient-centred approach to care, and our team works closely with patients to ensure they receive the best possible treatment outcomes. 

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